Size Chart

Modern Fit

BESPOKE introduced this new cut for 1523, 1621, 1624, 1625, 1721, 1724, 1725 and 1726 Series of Shirts.  Modern Fit will be the cut for all series of shirts going forward.  If you are LG in the Slim Fit Cut, you would be a MD in this Modern Fit Cut.




BESPOKE - Modern Fit Sizing Guide



BESPOKE SPORT for 1614 & 1615 series of T-Shirts.

BESPOKE - Ts Sizing Guide

Bomber Jacket

BESPOKE for 174201 series of Bomber Jackets.

BESPOKE - Bomber Jacket Sizing Guide

Hooded Jacket

BESPOKE for 174202 series of Hooded Jackets.

BESPOKE - Hooded Jacket Sizing Guide



Cargo Shorts

BESPOKE for 153100 series of Cargo Shorts.